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I am Beth and with my husband Glenn we have 3 wonderful kids: Alan (10), Lindsey (7) and Halle (2). We live in Pittsburgh, PA. Halle was diagnosed with OI at 9 months old. She had had 2 fractures seen on x-ray (humerus and vertebra).
She also had 2 very painful "popped" hips.
Halle is followed by Dr. Plotkin in Omaha and has also been seen at NIH for rehab with Dr. Holly Cintas, PT. Clinically no one can decide what type she is (1 or 4). We are going o have  collagen testing. Her most limiting factor is her lax ligaments.
Halle had been in a fracture cycle and we decided to put her on pamidronate about 8 months ago.
 Halle had quit crawling and played a lot just lying down before she got pamidronate the first
time at 18 months. When we brought her home from the hospital after her first pamidronate we were in shock!!! We had a fragile crazy toddler in the house! She crawled pushing the stool to the refrigerator, CLIMBED ONTO the stool and STOOD and pushed the buttons for ice and water! I wonder how long she had been wanting to do that? As we cleaned that up, she pushed the stool to
the cooktop and proceeded in pressing buttons there! YIKES!! That was just in the few minutes after we got home!
Now that we are used to having a typical crazy toddler, things have been much easier. We know always to be on alert.
 She receives PT all the time since I am a pediatric PT.

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